Saturday, August 6, 2011


Welcome everyone,
I know that finding HCG phase 2 recipes is nearly impossible to find online. After starting the diet, I worked hard to create delicious meals that everyone could enjoy and that most people would never believe is a low calorie meal!

A few notes...
I have a tendency not to measure out my spices, so my measurements are pretty much estimates.

When planning out your meals I recommend having some sort of fish everyday. If you switch up the type of fish it makes it easier. Two reasons why fish is great. First, it is full of Omega-3 which has many great health benefits (helps the heart, natural anti-inflammatory, helps with diabetes, etc...). Second, it's a low calorie meat. You will lose more weight by introducing more fish!

Another recommendation is limit your beef intake to once maybe twice a week. Beef takes longer for your body to breakdown and can stunt your weight loss.

That's all I have for now. Keep your eye on the blog to see more recipes & advice with your phase 2 on the HCG diet!

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