Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Herby Chicken cooked in broth-Phase 2

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This recipe is my basic base chicken recipe. I use this for EVERYTHING chicken. It makes it so tender and juicy, it will change your mind about fried chicken. This makes great chicken to top off salads, to make your buffalo chicken (recipe next on the docket), anything. I start out each week with a large bag of tenderloins and cook up the whole bag. Onto the recipe.

3oz Chicken: 141 cal.

Spices to gather:
Sea Salt
Lemon Zest or Lemon Peel
Garlic Powder
Dried or Fresh Rosemary
Dried or Fresh Parsley
Dried or Fresh Marjoram
Dried or Fresh Basil (I love fresh basil on just about everything)
Red Chili Pepper Flakes

Other Ingredients:
Organic, Low Sodium, MSG-Free, Low Fat Chicken Broth
Bragg's Liquid Aminos
Red Wine Vinegar
Lemon Juice

How to:
Take a large, deep skillet and fill up about a 3rd of the pan with your Chicken Broth
(Now sometimes I like to add the spices and other ingredients to the stock before putting in the Chicken and sometimes after I put in the Chicken, it really just depends on how much Chicken I am cooking.So this part is up to you.)
Lightly sprinkle each spice over your chicken or into the broth. I don't use a lot of each spice but use as much as you would like. And don't use a lot of salt, the broth has it's own salt in it, so use sparingly.
After you have added your spices and add about 1TBSP of Lemon Juice, 2TBSP of Red Wine Vinegar, and 1-2 TBSP of the Liquid Aminos (it has a salty flavor too, another reason why we use the salt sparingly).

Add you chicken if you haven't already done so and cook on medium heat for about 20-25mins.

After you are done cooking, grab a large Zip-lock bag and save your chicken stock.

After my chicken has cooled, I like to go ahead measure out all my portions and bag it up for the week.

Coming up next I will share with you a great way to take this dish and transform it into Buffalo Chicken Snackers!

Photos of some of the products:

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