Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Tenderloins- Phase 2

This is the family's favorite lunch, Spicy buffalo chicken with some celery. The best part about this is it's not too spicy that you feel the need to have ranch or blue cheese dipping sauce. Paring it with the celery is a great way to relieve your mouth from some of that spice. This is also great over a salad and when you get into Phase 3 you can add some milk dressing and cheese, yum!!!

3oz Chicken: 141 Cal, 3.5oz Celery: 4 cal

1 Gallon Size Zip-lock bag (option b)
1 Pint Size Zip-lock bag (option A)

Now there are 2 ways to make this dish. The first, a smaller portion; and second, if you are like me and cooking a whole bag for the week. Lets start with Option A first.
 Option A Recipe:
5 Cooked Tenderloins
2TBSP Hot Sauce (Now be aware that when picking out a hot sauce that you look at the ingredients, most don't have sugar or oil but a select few do. I prefer Texas Pete, no sugar, no oil, and milder in heat.)
2TSP Chicken Stock (Yes that says TEASPOON, not tablespoon.) (In the previous blog I mentioned the type that I use that is low sodium, low fat, no MSG, Free Range, Organic. I get it from Kroger and it taste amazing.)
1TSP of Lemon Juice

Now if you are preparing a whole bag I just Multiply all the ingredients by 4. So you would have 8TBSP Hot Sauce, 8TSP of Chicken Stock, and 4TSP of Lemon Juice.
Even if you are going for Option B, listed just above, I still don't like to put more that 5-7 Tenderloins in the bag at a time. This will help them to be evenly coated by the sauce.

In your Zip-lock bag add your measured Hot Sauce, Chicken Stock, and Lemon Juice. Then add 5-7 Chicken Tenderloins, let it set in the marinade for about 20 mins for maximum flavor. What I like to do is while I am cooking my chicken in the chicken stock recipe that I mentioned before, every time I am done with a batch of chicken I put it in the buffalo marinade and when another batch is done, I take out my buffalo chicken and place in a pan waiting to be cooked, then repeat.

So when you get to the last batch marinating in the buffalo mixture, Preheat your oven for 400F. Place all the buffalo chicken tenderloins on a baking sheet and cover with the remaining buffalo mixture that's left in your Zip-lock bag.

Now if you are following along and cooking this at the same time you might be freaking out saying, "This is going to be too hot to eat!!" If you are using the Texas Pete, it won't be. If you are really concerned about the heat don't add the remaining mixture over the chicken.

Cook for 10 mins, weigh, bag, and you are ready to go!

Next up Dijon Herb Sauce, yum!!!


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