Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cucumber Kanikama- Phase 2

MMMMMM.... Now my one of my favorite types of food is Japanese sushi and I have a favorite Sushi spot on the northside if town. I like sushi but my biggest draw to this particular sushi place is their Cucumber Kanikama salad. I love it! When I go that is pretty much all I get...okay I lie I get a Spicy Chicken Roll too :)

So I decided that it couldn't be that hard to figure out their recipe for the dish, Cucumber and Crab were a given but what else. I figured that they probably used some soy sauce and maybe rice vinegar but what else. Well a little call to the restaurant and I found out what that other ingredient was, sesame seed oil! Well most of those components are not allowed but luckily they are easily substituted.

3 oz Crab Meat: 61 calories, Cucumber: 45 calories

Onto the components:
-1 Large Cucumber, sliced or diced
-3oz of Crab meat (if you are not using fresh crab find some that is not vacuum sealed in sugar)
-Prepared Kanikama Sauce (see kanikama sauce page:

Mix all together and wallah!
Up next: Pistou Sauce

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