Thursday, September 8, 2011

Beef & Broccoli Stir fry-Phase 2

I know many people love Chinese food, here is another great Chinese dish!

Hope it hits the spot!
3oz Beef: 175 calorie, 3.5oz Broccoli: 33 calories

Here ya go...
-2 cups Broccoli florets
-1/2lb Beef Sirloin steaks, thinly sliced
-2TBSP Liquid Aminos
-2 Cloves Garlic, minced
-1tsp Onion Powder
-1TBSP fresh chopped Parsley
-a few tablespoons of Chicken Broth

>In a large skillet, or wok, put a few tablespoons of chicken stock and saute beef until brown.

> Add garlic, onion powder, broccoli, parsley, and liquid aminos

> Saute until well done

And presto, your dinner is complete :)

If you are not a beef fan, substitute the beef with chicken.

Up next Lemon Tilapia


  1. Replies
    1. Phase 1 is when you load and eat tons if fat!

  2. you know I'm pretty sure it would work for phase 1. Just check you weight after using the liquid aminos.

    1. liquid aminos have 0 calories and no salt....why would you need to check your weight after using them?

  3. I just started. How many servings for this recipe?

  4. Phase 1 is the two day loading phase. Phase 2 is the actual one month diet.

    1. No...Phase 1 BEGINS with a two day loading phase. Phase 1 lasts through weight loss, at least 21 days. Phase 2 is when you "set your weight" before Phase 3 the maintenance phase.

    2. Phase 1 is known in the HCG Program as the Loading Days. On the first day of the diet when the HCG is taken you are allowed to eat anything you please and as much as you please. I always tell people eat all of the things that you are going to miss while on your diet. Eating things such as cake, french-fries, Ice cream, pasta, bread and candy are highly encouraged! This phase continues for 2 days and ends on the third day of the diet.

  5. want to get infor. about Hcg