Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lemon Tilapia-Phase 2

I'm not a real tilapia fan but it happens to be my mom's favorite fish. She eats this about 3 nights a week :) It's a great quick and easy dish to make on the fly.

Set your oven to 375 

Grab a baking sheet
I know that during phase 2 the hardest part it food not sticking to your baking pan. There are two way around this challenge, 
1st- squeeze a lemon over your pan and slice a lemon and place fish on top
2nd- Pour about 1/4cup of chicken or fish broth on baking sheet.

For this recipe I am going with the second method.

3oz Tilapia: 82 calories

After placing the fish over the broth season with:
-Dried lemon peel
-Cracked pepper
-Sea Salt

Cook for 15-20mins
I like to squeeze a lemon wedge over the fish once it's done cooking.

Enjoy! Up next Cucumber Kanikama

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