Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Taco Shell- Phase 3

Okay so I have to admit I did not come up with this one, I found it online and just had to share it. I did make some additions to it.

1 shell is about 69 calories

-shredded cheese of any kind that melts well.

On a thin piece of parchment paper place about 1 oz of Shredded Cheese in the center of the paper kind of spread out, sprinkle a little oregano on cheese.

Microwave for 1 min until cheese bubbles and is slightly brown.

While cheese is still flexible bend into a taco shape and place between two objects that will help it keep it's shape until it cools.

Roll a medicine bottle in parchment paper and place in the center of the cheese to help hold shape.

Once cool, peel and stuff with your favorite taco ingredients.

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